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DAY IN THE LIFE Working at an AMAZON Warehouse (Inside Footage)

Here is a Day in the life of an Amazon warehouse worker. I work at an Amazon fulfillment center and wanted to show actual inside footage of what it is like working at an Amazon warehouse.

Amazon is hiring over 125,000 new employees during start of the 2020 Summer due to the Coronavirus pandemic. My intent for this video was to be educational to these new employees. Amazon's employee retention rate is well known for being extremely low. Because of this, I wanted to show what an Amazon warehouse job actually entails. This video will allow potential employees to decided whether this job is a good fit for them instead of experiencing the job and quitting 2 days later.

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This is a RE-UPLOADED video. Approximately 12 days prior to the release of this updated video, the original video was uploaded. Shortly after the upload, Amazon's Human Resources department reached out to inform me that there were some controversial information being shown.
Per request, I have respectfully taken down the original video and blurred or excluded the sections containing the controversial information mentioned to me by Human Resources.
All footage of an Amazon warehouse (hallways, conveyor belts, Amazon's robots, etc), like shown in this video, can already be seen on internet platforms such as Google Images or other larger YouTube channels such as CNN, Yahoo Finance, or even Amazon's just to name a few. Therefore, I am not "leaking" any business information that cannot already be accessed on the internet.
Hopefully this clears up any questions. Thank you guys for the support and Enjoy!

Time-lapses are used throughout the video and most are at 5X speed.
This job is very taxing, but PAIN IS TEMPORARY.

I do not advise doing what I did to make this video. Phones are NOT allowed on the floor and YOU WILL get yourself into trouble.

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➡️What I HATE About Working at AMAZON: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYM9HaEzW8M

❗ Business Contact: dylanpayneYT@gmail.com

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