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HiTi P520L troubleshooting: Torn ink ribbon & paper jam

A quick and easy video guide on how to repair torn ink ribbons and clear paper jams on a HiTi P520L dye sub printer.

NOTE: Torn ink ribbons and paper jams are almost always as a direct result of faulty operation or neglect for example:
1. Neglecting to remove media during transportation
2. Neglecting to clear out paper trimmings (especially prior to transportation)
3. Condensation due to incorrect storage
4. Loading media incorrectly
5. Incorrect or infrequent maintenance.

For more information on easy printer maintenance, please go to: http://www.togblog.biz/dye-sub-printers/love-your-printer-and-it-will-love-you-back/

Видео HiTi P520L troubleshooting: Torn ink ribbon & paper jam канала Photomart
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