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Advanced Photography: Macro | Composition and Sharpness

In this final video of the series, Ross picks up where he left off in the previous episode, photographing the butterfly he spotted. As he sets up this shot and more, Ross discusses composition and sharpness, covering background choice, depth of field and a number of other factors that will take your close-up to the next level. He also offers a couple of invaluable tips that will make a big difference when you're working in the field.

Join award-winning macro and wildlife photographer Ross Hoddinott for a three-part guide to improving your close-up photography skills. Ross offers a comprehensive introduction to macro photography, including top tips for working in the field, kit recommendations, composition guidance and camera settings. Featuring multiple examples of Ross's incredible shots, this series provides the inspiration and advice you'll need to take your macro shooting to the next level.

To see more of Ross Hoddinott's work and for more info, check out his website here: www.rosshoddinott.co.uk/

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14 октября 2016 г. 12:24:59
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