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SpaceX Starship news as SN5 heads towards 150m flight, OneWeb, RocketLab & Starliner updates

The first 200 get 20% off the annual Brilliant subscription! http://brilliant.org/MarcusHouse/. Today we have SpaceX Starship news as SN5 heads towards 150m flight. We have, OneWeb, RocketLab & Starliner updates as well. Starship updates are screaming along as always with the massive blue crane starting construction on the new high bay for the Superheavy booster. An interesting development with the UK government looking to be partially funding OneWeb after it seemed earlier this year that there was no real chance left for the company. We have of course another beautiful Starlink launch coming very shortly which will be another rideshare mission. A few interesting updates from Boeing's Starliner. And sadly, rocket lab had a launch failure on the last flight after 11 consecutive successful orbital launches and are currently busy diagnosing the data to find out what went wrong.

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Видео SpaceX Starship news as SN5 heads towards 150m flight, OneWeb, RocketLab & Starliner updates канала Marcus House
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