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Elvis Presley - I Just Can't Help Believing - 29/07/70 - complete rehearsal re-edited with new audio

'I Just Can't Help Believing' was an integral part of the original 1970 version of 'That's That's The way It Is' with it running almost as a subplot throughout the entire movie. From the Culver City rehearsal through the dressing room and backstage worries about remembering the lyrics to the second show performance shown in the movie, a performance which RCA chose as the master recording of the song and one which would become an Elvis classic.
The 2001 re-edited version of the movie however, almost completely removed all trace of the song. Many fans quite rightly bemoan this inexplicable exclusion of this and the remarkable rendition of 'Bridge Over Troubled' from the new movie, but at least the latter retained a rehearsal version.

The original 1970 movie contained a heavily edited rehearsal version of I Just Can't Help Believing filmed on 29 July in Culver City which was actually the fourth time that Elvis had rehearsed the song with MGM's cameras present. It seems that on the three previous occasions that Elvis had rehearsed 'I Just Can't Help Believing', all on 24 July in RCA's Hollywood studios, the cameras were turned off.

The 29 July version was actually over six minutes long and some extra footage was made available in the excellent 'TTWII - The Complete Works' set, but the video was still incomplete as the camera seems to have been turned off mid-song, probably to save tape.

A clue to this is that Elvis tells the band to do the instrumental a second time just after the footage resumes. After thirty one previous movies it seems that Elvis knows when the camera is on or off and as a result the second instrumental was used in the original movie.

An official audio of this rehearsal version was released by FTD on 'The Way It Was' but for some reason the 'I need the lyrics' and 'Somebody must've eaten them last night' dialogue was moved onto the songs intro. In order to to keep the audio as it should be the first portion of audio comes from the unofficial CD 'Plugged In and Geared Up' and the remainder and majority from the aforementioned 'The Way It Was'. Additionally I have inserted photos where no video footage exists.

Видео Elvis Presley - I Just Can't Help Believing - 29/07/70 - complete rehearsal re-edited with new audio канала The Ultimate Elvis Channel by Leon
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