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chilling & painting a cute dreamy cloudy sky with stars | painting with nina

let's paint!!

hello my frens it's nina and we are BACK with painting with nina! this time we are again painting a sky, my FAVORITE subject, but we are letting our creativity run free! i hope this is a fun and chill time and that you enjoy my cute dreamy pastel sky full of clouds and lil stars :') this is basically what a sky looks like in my head. i painted this on valentine's day and it was just a great time :)

also! our family reached 600k friends!! technically our "fandom" name is "neenyu" (a subscriber came up with it last year! it's also easy for me to search because it's a unique name hehe) but i'm always shy about calling y'all that because it's more natural for me to just call y'all my friends, but thank you for this wonderful family and community and thank you for loving my videos :'( i make videos in hopes to make someone's day a lil better or to make someone smile or feel better, so i really am thankful for this community and i'm ESPECIALLY grateful for how loving and wholesome y'all are!! i just had a meetup a few days ago and y'all were so cute and warm and it made my heart FULL to know that y'all made new friends through this community and,,, i'm just so lucky and grateful. i LOVE y'all so much. thank you for everything. happy 600k and i shall see you next time, my loves.

love, neen.



+ 9x12 canvas is from target
+ acrylic paint: liquitex acrylic color basics
+ paint brushes are from michaels

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☆ twitter: ninaeyu
☆ instagram: ninaeyu
☆ spotify: neenzus

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Видео chilling & painting a cute dreamy cloudy sky with stars | painting with nina канала oh no nina
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16 февраля 2020 г. 21:00:17