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Corniglia, Italy Walking Tour - Cinque Terre - [Prowalk Tours]

Welcome to Corniglia, Italy, the village of Cinque Terre that is unlike the rest. Perched high up on a rock that jets out over the sea, Corniglia is the only town in the Cinque Terre that doesn't have its own marina. Visitors can reach the town by climbing up the Lardarina staircase from the train station below. For the best viewing experience, be sure to put on headphones to hear all the sounds of this beautiful village.

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►Map of the Walk◄

▼▼Video Timeline Links▼▼
0:00 - Drone Intro
1:27 - Walk begins
3:48 - Piazzetta Ciapara
4:30 - Via Fieschi
6:38 - Largo Taragio
7:06 - Oratory of the disciples of Saint Catherine
8:20 - Scenic Lookout
13:06 - Terrace of Santa Maria
17:20 - Scenic Lookout & Largo Taragio
18:20 - Via alla Marina (down)
22:19 - Via all Marina (up)
26:19 - Via Fieschi
27:39 - Path out to Viewpoint
28:34 - Viewpoint
32:10 - Church of San Pietro
36:40 - Trailhead
37:28 - Lardarina Steps to Train Station

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Видео Corniglia, Italy Walking Tour - Cinque Terre - [Prowalk Tours] канала Prowalk Tours
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