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The Untold Truth Of Kari Byron From Mythbusters

Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman might be the poster boys for MythBusters, but Kari Byron was a huge part of what made the show great bringing lots of flair, personality, and humor to the show. Here's a few things you might not know about Kari Byron.

Breaking into a new industry can be tough and it sounds like Kari Byron endured her fair share of struggles early on. In an interview with The Verge, she opened up about making her first tentative steps in the special effects industry. Initially, she had quite a hard time finding a gig. Shortly after she graduated from San Francisco State University, it felt like nobody wanted to hire her.

Eventually, a friend urged her to pay a visit to M5 Industries, where a thoroughly unimpressed Jamie Hyneman leafed through her portfolio. Hyneman eventually found one thing he liked: a photograph of a sculpture she'd made of an elderly man. And that was enough for Byron to get her foot in the door. She started off at M5 Industries as an unpaid intern, working another job at night to make ends meet.

We all start somewhere. Speaking to Dame magazine, Kari Byron revealed that her first paying gig in the special effects industry was her brief appearance on the second episode of MythBusters. And since the show was just getting off the ground, we aren't exactly talking big bucks. Keep watching the video to learn the untold truth of Kari Byron from Mythbusters!

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Getting into the biz | 0:14
Her first paying gig | 1:13
Becoming a MythBuster | 2:07
The bear mace incident | 2:46
Mythbusting while pregnant | 3:58
Her love of pranks | 5:03
Her artistic undertakings | 6:04
The Tory Belleci rumors | 6:52
Twitter anxieties | 7:32
For science! | 8:45
Her mysterious Mythbusters exit | 9:51

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