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NIGHTWISH - Music (Official Lyric Video)

The official lyric video of Music, taken from Human. :||: Nature., the latest album of Nightwish.

Human. :||: Nature. is officially OUT NOW via Nuclear Blast Records.
Order: https://nuclearblast.com/nightwish-human-nature

Download the digital Booklet of Human. :||: Nature. here 👇

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Emppu Vuorinen
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Kai Hahto

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Before you
My home was in the wind and surf
The birds and rain, voices of the northern lights

Then you came
I joined you beyond the aeons
As you blew your cave bear bone
And began to hum

Eradicate the torment of a heavy heart
Emancipate the deaf
Sing the graceful third part

Then orchestrate an air for only you to sing
Caress it deep
It`s always there to unlock the stars
To enter
Fanning the flames of a mystery
Deepening the listening
Yourself to the endless symphony
Of now

Singing the tale of another man
Have you ever heard
It is coming, coming, coming your way
The very first song

You want to dream?
Want a tale in major scale?
Wish to leave the hollow, to dance with Pan?

Can you hear the brave drum from the moors?
Follow the beat
And leave the noise behind if we be lovers

Performance starts, come join the gathering
And you will leave with a wildflower aftertaste

Become the kind who still laughs at butterflies
Give me a home inside you until the final
Thank you and a good night

In here, I am the silence of sound
Curing the common show
For the steady song
There, I`ll greet the greedy crowd
But will never, ever sing to them

Tick-tock, time stops
Follow me into the fog
To the hilltop
Follow the call sky-clad
Evoke the Hum
Allure the sirens

All it took was
Time and silence

Nuclear Blast: https://nblast.de/NW-HumanNature
iTunes: https://nblast.de/NW-HumanNatureIT
Amazon: https://nblast.de/NW-HumanNatureAMZ
Google Play: https://nblast.de/NW-HumanNatureGP

Apple Music: https://nblast.de/NW-HumanNatureAM
Spotify: https://nblast.de/NightwishSpotifyComp
Deezer: https://nblast.de/NW-HumanNatureDZ

Видео NIGHTWISH - Music (Official Lyric Video) канала Nightwish
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