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Global Healing Meditation to Bring More Light into the World with Eckhart (Part 2)

Learn more about the LIVE program https://bit.ly/32Bg8zp
Being the Light: An Inner Journey to Accelerate Conscious Evolution in Times of Crisis

Eckhart will be teaching a brand-new LIVE program. We feel it’s an important time to gather together online and support each other’s evolution, the evolution of the planet, and even the universe.

In your first LIVE session of Being the Light, Eckhart’s going to connect with you on:
- What it means to “be the light of the world”
- How crisis is part of the forward-moving process of evolution
- Why “you can’t separate the shift from the crisis”
- Transcending the polarities of chaos and order
- The role of spiritual awakening in conscious evolution
Discover more about Being the Light, and join Eckhart and special guest teachers here.
Ready to go deeper in the journey to become the light of the world? Let’s do it together.

“Manifestation can only be satisfying and truly effective when it arises out of the Being state of consciousness.”
—Eckhart Tolle

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Видео Global Healing Meditation to Bring More Light into the World with Eckhart (Part 2) канала Eckhart Tolle
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