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Metallica - Live at Milton Keynes '93 [ReMastered 25th Anniversary Series]

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Band name: Metallica
Date: June 5, 1993
Venue: National Bowl
Location: Milton Keynes, England
Tour name: Nowhere Else To Roam
Other acts: Megadeth, The Almighty, Diamond Head

Filming type: Professional (Pro-Shot)


This show is a Pro-shot recording captured from the in-house live screen feed of the venue.
Unfortunately incomplete, four songs don't have video (only soundboard audio) and the last two are completely missing.

What I did:

- I resynched the whole show with a new soundboard audio source taken from a better sounding BBC Radio Live Broadcast.

- For the parts where the video was missing I just put the SBD audio on top of some stills taken from the show.

- Lastly I upscaled the available Pro-Shot 2-DVD master source to 720p HD to ensure a higher bitrate while streaming on YouTube.

So this should now look and sound as good as possible.

Additional notes:

Before the show the band was told by management to keep the profanity to a minimum since there would be a Live Radio Broadcast, so of course James' first words on stage were "FUCK YEAH MOTHERFUCKERS!!".
You can also hear him cuss throughout the entire show, especially in the middle jamming part of Seek & Destroy at which point the Radio Broadcast all but muted his microphone.
To keep those and some other parts intact I used the old audio source whenever something was missing from the Radio Broadcast version.

Also I need to mention, synching this particular audio source to the video was a more difficult task than usual.
For some reason the audio and video always had slight discrepancies in their playback speeds; resulting in differing lengths of what should normally be in sync.
So I had fiddle around and manually adjust each song all around about 1-2 seconds, altering their speed in order to keep them as fast as the picture.
My only guess how this came about is because the video uses the NTSC standard, which runs 29,97fps and the european radio broadcast may have followed the usual PAL standard of 25fps resulting in different playback speeds...
Anyway it wasn't easy but in the end I've felt it was worth it to make it work because the overall mix sounds much better now.



0:00:00 - The Ecstasy of Gold
0:01:37 - Creeping Death
0:08:36 - Harvester Of Sorrow
0:15:19 - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
0:22:03 - Of Wolf And Man
0:26:23 - Wherever I May Roam
0:33:38 - The Thing That Should Not Be
0:41:59 - The Unforgiven
0:48:58 - Disposable Heroes
0:58:45 - Drinking Music
1:02:10 - Jason's My Friend Of Misery Solo
1:03:47 - Bass Solo
1:07:11 - InstruMedley (Orion/To Live is To Die/Ktulu)
1:13:53 - Kirk's Guitar Solo
1:15:54 - The Four Horsemen
1:20:50 - For Whom the Bell Tolls
1:26:07 - Fade to Black
1:33:50 - Master Of Puppets
1:37:41 - Seek & Destroy Jam with Fans
1:56:33 - Battery
2:01:57 - Nothing Else Matters (SBD Audio Only)
2:08:13 - Sad But True (SBD Audio Only)
2:13:59 - Last Caress (SBD Audio Only)
2:15:29 - One (SBD Audio Only)
X:XX:XX - Enter Sandman (Missing)
X:XX:XX - So What! (Missing)


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