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Transformers The Allspark War Stop Motion

||||---- 8413 FRAMES AT 8 FPS ----||||
This is my first REAL stop motion with a story line and action. My other one was for school and i didn't even have a tripod. Anyway as i was filming this, i learned more about angles, lighting and other shit so it may seem weird in the beginning but as it goes on, I was learning from my mistakes and corrected the rest of the video. It took just under 2 months with school starting and slowing me down. I know my fingers show up sometimes lol... but its apart of stop motions i guess... at least low budget type ones. Anyways, i hope you enjoy the video. If you don't, no problem. I made this video for the "Producer", Gianni (My dad), and he loved it. He already re watched it 5 times, and will be going to work on Monday waiting to show everyone there. He is very proud of me and that is all I wanted from this. Thanks for Watching!

Видео Transformers The Allspark War Stop Motion канала The Last Prime
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7 октября 2017 г. 22:36:10