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1%-3% Tax Companies in Europe - Here's How

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Today we are once again going to discuss another little know TAX Haven within the EU, which can be an amazing option for many people. We already talked about Slovenia, and how you can structure a certain way and pay only 4% tax there.

Today we are going to discuss how you can pay 1-3% tax!
Which country are we talking about? Romania!
This is a very particular regime, called the microbusiness regime in Romania. Normally Romania has corporate tax rate of 16%, which is not that attractive. Like we said under this program you could pay as low as 1% in taxes.

However, there are certain limitations to this program:
-You can't be making more than a million euros in revenue per year
-1-3% tax rates are to be paid on revenue, not profits. This means NO tax deductions

If your margins are high, this structure could work very well for you. If most of your revenue is your profit then this is an amazing tax deal.

When will you pay 3% in tax? In the case of your company is one man's show. If you have at least one employee then you'll be paying 1%. This is extremely useful because there's a good pool of people in Romania to hire from.
Have you heard that joke which says that the Romanian language is the second official language at Microsoft?

So, if you're the right type of business this structure can work like a charm and save you quite a bit of money in taxes.

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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