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PET PARROT Q&A! (ft. Archie the Eclectus Parrot)!


Hey guys! I'm so excited to be posting this Q&A with Archie - We talk about parrot training, parrot tricks, the cost of owning a parrot, toilet training birds and more.

Archie is a Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot, and he's an absolute joy to own. Birds have always been my favourite animal - i've owned budgies (parakeets), finches, cockatiels, galahs, quaker parrots, lorikeets, doves and chickens, and I hope that these tips are helpful for you if you're considering buying a pet bird.

I probably sound a bit harsh towards the end of the video, but I do want to reenforce my belief that you shouldn't just buy a pet bird because you see one online and think it looks like fun. Birds are a huge commitment, and they require as much attention as a human child (if not more attention sometimes).

They scream, make a mess, poo in random places, live an extremely long time and can cause family trouble if you live with someone that can't put up with their antics. Make sure everyone in the household is onboard and understands the commitment that owning a pet bird requires, and make sure you do your research before buying one!

That being said, Archie is such an amazing part of our lives, and we wouldn't change him for the world - hence my life motto, #thebirdstays 😍


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Видео PET PARROT Q&A! (ft. Archie the Eclectus Parrot)! канала Pretty Pastel Please
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