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Kris Kristofferson - For the good times (1999)

Beautiful version of Kris' classic song from the wonderful album
"The Austin Sessions" (1999)
with so real beautiful harmony vocals by Matraca Berg

The scenes are from the movies "Act of passion" (1984) and "Blood and orchids" (1986) and Kris on the guitar is from a dvd about Tootsies

This video was my original idea with this song, but I never could upload this or any other song from the Austin Sessions album, it always would come out without the audio... Now I have noticed another song from this amazingly beautiful album uploaded to YT which has been there already for a year or so! That made me wanna try it again. Have just done a few corrections to it to improve lips synchronisation... So if you recognize some scenes from my other video - yes, they are the same, because I didn't want to change them :-)

The musicians:
acoustic guitars: Kris and Stephen Bruton
e-guitar and mandolin: John Willis
acoustic bass: Larry Praxton
organ: Jim Cox
steel guitar: Paul Franklin
drums: Mike Baird

Видео Kris Kristofferson - For the good times (1999) канала biggestkkfan
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