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MOLOKANKA (2017) director - Tatiana Snisarenko. English subtitles

The film tells about the life of a small community of Russian Molokans. Members of this small religious group are scattered across the world; however, for several centuries they have been retaining their authenticity and strong connections with their homeland which once rejected them. Being under strong pressure for a long time, the Molokans managed to keep their beliefs and reverent attitude to the world and to the people around them. Where did they find strength and how they managed do it – these are the questions we will try to find answers to.

Film Director - Tatiana Snisarenko
Operator - Michail Grazdankin, Oleg Konishev, Maks Lega
Film Editing - Kirill Rikomi

Видео MOLOKANKA (2017) director - Tatiana Snisarenko. English subtitles канала ANCHOR_STUDIO
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