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The Most Inappropriate Outfits Kate Middleton Has Worn

Considering she gets photographed every time she goes outside, it makes sense that Kate Middleton is caught in a dress code slip-up every once in a while. From wearing the same dress more than once to rocking short shorts for charity, here are some of the inappropriate outfits Kate Middleton has worn.

Almost every princess has an iconic dress — and Kate Middleton has her lilac. There's nothing inappropriate about the dress itself with its demure hemline, flattering gathered fabric, and romantic hue. However, the fact that Middleton has worn it at several public events does break an unspoken rule of fashion for both royals and celebrities. According to Elle, the duchess first wore her lilac dress at an event in California in 2011, and then again at the UK's Creative Industries Reception in 2012. She even wore the same dress in a chic beige color during her trip to Australia in 2014. Has Middleton's obsession with the dress had an effect on its sales?

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This lilac dress | 0:00
Repping the wrong country | 1:02
Showing her knees | 2:01
A little too floaty | 2:53
See-through for charity | 3:48
Forgetting a pedicure | 4:31
Stealing the show | 5:19
Rocking skinny jeans | 6:07
Seriously short shorts | 7:06
Unapproved shoes | 8:07
The unusual trousers | 8:56
A dramatic wedding dress | 9:54
Dressing too "dreary" | 11:02

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