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The Truth About Prince Harry's Ex, Chelsy Davy

The world met Chelsy Davy when she began dating Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, in 2004. While their history is obviously in the past, here's what she's been up to since she and the prince called it quits.

Chelsy Davy was born on October 13, 1985 to Beverley and Charles Davy in Zimbabwe . Her mom was a former model, while her dad was a wealthy Zimbabwean businessman. Growing up in Victoria Falls, which is home to one of the world's largest waterfalls, Davy told British magazine Tatler,

"[I had] an idyllic African childhood. [...] I was always on the farm, running around barefoot with herds of buffalo, and elephants crossing the road. There were often monkeys on the tennis court, jumping up and stealing the ball."

In 2000, Zimbabwe experienced an internal crisis in which squatters began to seize white-owned farms, according to The Atlantic, and these actions were supported by President Mugabe's government. Things got worse after the World Bank and IMF cut aid to the country. Davy told Tatler,

"The problem was that when all that kicked off, people started leaving, so the schooling system was affected as well. All the good teachers left. From that aspect, I didn’t feel like I was going to get a good education anywhere at all. So I came to school in England."

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Zimbabwe | 0:00
Dividing her time | 1:14
Economics and law | 2:04
Working as a lawyer | 2:57
Jewelry business | 3:50
Prince Harry | 4:31
A royal wedding | 5:23
Breaking up for good | 5:50
Leaving the limelight | 6:29
Royal family friend | 7:40
Prince Harry's wedding | 8:22
The travel bug | 9:25
Private lifestyle | 10:39

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