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Cobus - System of a Down - Toxicity (Drum Cover)

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This is a drum cover of SOAD's song, Toxicity.

As much of you know, I have done this song before.. Not being totally satisfied with the outcome, I uploaded it anyway. The day after it took the "most viewed video" spot, I took it down, as I felt it was a very misleading example of my style, since it was so grossly and unaccurately overplayed.

So, this is attempt #2. Still not ttally satisfied ;)
..but better.

I have to emphasize, I know calling this a "cover" is wrong, seeing as I only PARTLY stayed true to the song's drums (or lack thereof), through the WHOLE song I play some variations of the beats, phrasing and fills, since 99% of what I play is improvised. Even though I have done my fair share of session and studio drumming, that has little to zero effect on these video's, I kind of see them as live performances. I'm NOT aiming to be accurate to the original drums, I'm just aiming to enjoy myself. And I thoroughly succeeded in doing that, might I add :)

System Of A Down - Toxicity
from the 2001 release "Toxicity"
is the copyrighted property of it's owner(s).

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Видео Cobus - System of a Down - Toxicity (Drum Cover) канала Cobus
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