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The Strokes - Reading 2011 (Full Set) (Captioned)

The Strokes - Reading 2011, 27 Aug 2011 (Video may not be available in UK)

00:00 Is This It
02:45 New York City Cops
06:48 Under Cover of Darkness
10:54 The Modern Age
14:38 Machu Picchu
18:21 Reptilia
22:52 Someday
26:23 Life Is Simple in the Moonlight
31:02 You Only Live Once
34:20 You're So Right
37:21 What Ever Happened?
40:21 Automatic Stop
44:03 Alone, Together
48:11 Just What I Needed (feat. Jarvis Cocker)
53:35 Juicebox
57:03 Last Nite
1:01:36 Hard To Explain
1:06:10 Take It Or Leave It
(Thanks kekecom)

If you love The Strokes as much as I do, please own their music legitimately.

Head to http://www.thestrokes.com to buy their music/merch!


Видео The Strokes - Reading 2011 (Full Set) (Captioned) канала DiamondCutsHerEye
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