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Cheapest Sax on Amazon VS My Professional Alto Saxophone

Ammoon/Lade Alto Saxophone (USA link) - https://amzn.to/2rGr4fj
Ammoon/Lade Alto Saxophone (international) - https://geni.us/D1i8kf

My recommendation for the Best Student Alto Sax Under $500: https://geni.us/FsjZBcK

I bought the cheapest student saxophone on Amazon to compare it to my professional Yanagisawa sax. I wanted to see what you get for $270 and the answer is you get quite a lot for your money. In this video I unbox the Ammoon (Lade) alto saxophone, we take a look at all the accessories included and I check the build quality and how well the pads seal. Then I play test it alongside my Yanagisawa A991 alto sax so you can hear the difference for yourself.
Turns out, if you're on a small budget, this Chinese saxophone is very good value for the money, and will serve a beginner saxophone player well.

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★ My Sax Gear Recommendations ★
↪My Amazon Influencer Page: https://goo.gl/px3AvY
Jean Paul AS-400 - Best Student Alto Sax Under $500: https://geni.us/FsjZBcK
Boston Sax Shop - My Favorite Reeds: https://geni.us/XiYi
Vandoren Hygro Case - Best Reed Storage: https://geni.us/ZhfAyp
SaxHolder - Crazy neck strap I use for tenor sax: https://geni.us/tfvt4cH
ReedGeek - Best tool for fixing reeds: https://geni.us/hBWhmz
Hercules - My favorite sax stand: https://geni.us/Lf4QU4b
Bose - My favorite practice earphones: https://geni.us/LY79Hzr
Sony - Recording headphones: https://geni.us/ApG87R
Sax Deflector: https://geni.us/C6jibAq
Apogee - Best USB microphone for recording audio https://geni.us/4dvrwN
Best neck and mouthpiece swab: https://geni.us/TyVweSo
Best alto sax body swab: https://geni.us/6fi66eu
Best tenor sax body swab: https://geni.us/85fqn
DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and then buy something, I may receive a small commission. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Видео Cheapest Sax on Amazon VS My Professional Alto Saxophone канала Better Sax
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