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Eminem: Live from New York City [4k / Ultra HD Version 2015] ePro Exclusive

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The legendary Eminem concert shot in Madison Square Garden in 2005, is available in UltraHD quality. Do you surely want to be on Eminem's show? Why am I asking - of course, you do! Now you have a chance to see this spectacular full Eminem show in superhigh quality!

0:00 Intro
05:26 Evil Deeds
08:22 Mosh
11:26 Business
15:30 Rain Man
17:17 Ass Like That
19:20 Puke
21:30 Kill You
23:23 Like Toy Soldiers
26:45 Git Up (with D12)
30:16 How Come (with D12)
36:23 Rock Star (Bizarre)
37:26 40 Oz (with D12)
41:42 My Band (with D12)
45:15 [Epic moment]
47:04 Stan
49:06 The Way I Am
51:29 Just Don't Give a Fuck
53:00 Got Some Teeth (with Obie Trice)
55:15 Stay 'Bout It (Aqua) (with Obie Trice)
58:02 The Set Up (with Obie Trice)
01:00:51 Like Dat (with Obie Trice)
01:02:52Cleanin' Out My Closet
01:04:26 Mockingbird
01:06:48 Just Lose It
01:12:36 Lose Yourself

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Видео Eminem: Live from New York City [4k / Ultra HD Version 2015] ePro Exclusive канала ePro Team: Support for Eminem & Shady Records
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Информация о видео
9 декабря 2015 г. 18:57:48