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How to EASILY Read a Birth Chart! (A Complete Beginner's Guide!)

Have you ever wondered if astrology is real? Well me too. So over the past few years I have really learned so much about astrology and come to find out, it is SO MUCH MORE than just a sun sign! In this video, I go over the basics of astrology so you can learn to read your own birth chart EASILY! I don’t discuss everything, but I teach you the basics of astrology and how to interpret a birth chart. It’s basically astrology explained simply! I really want to know if this changed your perspective on astrology at all and if you relate to what your chart says about you!

Also, should I set up a way to read your charts on my website?!


How I got into Astrology: 00:55

The Zodiac Characteristics: 2:30

The Houses: 4:05

Sun, Moon, & Rising Signs: 9:04

The Planets: 15:02

Astrodienst Birth Chart: https://goo.gl/ELgYFe

Astro cafe Birth Chart: https://goo.gl/XwvrwQ
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I really recommend the app Co-Star! (not sponsored but I wish it was! haha!) It gives personalized horoscopes based on your birth chart so its super specific to you. You can also add friends and compare your friendships which is my fav part! You can add me on Co-Star! @CourtVioletta. I’ll totally check you out and you can message me on there with any questions you have!
Where I learned most of my info:

The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need: https://amzn.to/2EnjQAy

Secret Language of Astrology:https://amzn.to/2H2YmLp
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Видео How to EASILY Read a Birth Chart! (A Complete Beginner's Guide!) канала Courtney Violetta
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