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Update #2: The Current Italy & Italian Citizenship Situation

Italian Citizenship Podcast EP 24:
Update #2: The Current Italy & Italian Citizenship Situation

In this episode of the Italian Citizenship Podcast, hosts Marco Permunian, an Italian citizenship attorney and founder of Italian Citizenship Assistance (ICA), along with content creator, Rafael Di Furia talk about the current situation in Italy and the Italian citizenship process in post-lockdown Italy. Is it still possible to get Italian citizenship by descent? Has the system slowed down? Can I still get documents for Italian citizenship? What are things like in Italy at this moment in time. Due to the current situation outside of Italy, many people of Italian descent are reevaluating their options and considering the move to Italy and leaving America.

For help with the Italian citizenship process and more information about Italian Citizenship Assistance visit ICA's website

To contact Italian Attorney Marco Permunian and his team of dual-citizenship experts and attorneys you can use the contact form on the Italian Citizenship Assistance website http://ItalianCitizenshipAssistance.com

Also to see more from Rafael Di Furia ( @Rafael Di Furia )about life in Italy and life as a dual citizen check out his YouTube channel:

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Видео Update #2: The Current Italy & Italian Citizenship Situation канала Italian Citizenship Assistance
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