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Russia is Testing Their New Secret Jet Fighter!

Russia is Testing Their New Secret Jet Fighter!
The race for having complete and total dominance of the skies is being contested by three major superpowers of the world: The US, Russia, and China. With each nation looking to beat the other, major technological strides are being made in the aerospace industry. With the advent of 6th generation stealth fighter jets, the fifth-generation planes are already considered to be obsolete. The major point of contention and competition between these three superpowers is who will develop the best 6th generation stealth fighter jet?

Russia has been developing its stealth fighter jets for quite some time now. The Sukhoi Su-57 was first announced back in 2002. Since then it has faced many delays and problems but the program has persevered and the stealth fighter is reportedly near completion. The first maiden flight for the Su-57 was back in 2011 and it will be ready to officially join the arsenal of the Russian Airforce in the next year. It is intended to replace the fourth-generation MiG-29s and Su-27s in the Russian Airforce. If the reports surfacing about the capabilities of the Su-57 are to be believed then it will surely be a worthy contender to take on the F-35s and the F-22s which currently makes the US the undisputed king of aerial combat and reconnaissance.

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