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The FIRST 3 Animagi in History - Harry Potter Explained

Welcome to Harry Potter Theory. Today we're taking a look at the history of the fabled Animagus. More specifically- I’m going to be revealing to you all the first 3 RECORDED (but unregistered) animagi- that is, the first 3 ancient witches and wizards that were able to shapeshift.

An animagus, simply put, is a witch or wizard that is able to transform themselves into an animal and back again. Animagus is a combination of the word "animal" and the Greek word magus, meaning "animal wizard." It is an extremely rare and difficult ability to master, so much so that it requires you to register your knowledge of this ability with the ministry (but that wasn’t necessary in a pre-ministry world!). An animagus will typically have an animal form that they transform in to that is closely linked to their personality and inner traits. Further to this- the Animagus form of a witch or wizard will almost always resemble their patronus form as well.

Throughout the series we’re introduced to quite a few Animagi. McGonagall- a cat, Pettigrew- a rat, Sirius Black- a dog, James Potter- a stag, Rita Skeeter- a beetle. And if you’re thinking that this list looks short well then you’d be right, as becoming an animagus is NO easy feat.

In fact, so few people have actually achieved this magical feat that the Ministry of Magic requires all animagi to register their animagus status.

But the ancient witches and wizards I want to talk about today existed in a pre-ministry era- in fact, some of these witches and wizards were from an entirely different part of the world altogether. I’m going to work backwards, starting with the THIRD known animagus, and working my way towards the FIRST recorded animagus to grace the wizarding world.

Let’s get in to it....


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