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Sudoku Tutorial #76 The habit of ramifications.

A fun step by step video course on how to solve sudoku puzzles from beginners to advanced levels. It's FREE!
The most popular site online to learn how to solve sudoku puzzles from beginners to advanced levels.
The habit of ramifications has a saying. "ya gotta look up, ya gotta look down, ya gotta look left, and ya gotta look right" This little saying put into practice will enable you to solve faster.
I am now offering a live stream chat 15 mins before the premier of a new video. Players have suggested this as chatting while the premier is on is not easy when you want to watch the premier. YOu will find this information by going to the COMMUNIITY tab on my channel page.youtube.com/sudokuguy
Step 1 Go to youtube.com/sudokuguy
Step 2 Scroll down to Sudoku tutorials Click on heading.
Step 3 On the R H side is a list of all the tutorials. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find a thumbnail picture which has a black and white heading PREMIERE. Click on this and your are there.
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One smile can lift a spirit,
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One conversation can start a friendship"

Видео Sudoku Tutorial #76 The habit of ramifications. канала Sudoku Guy
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