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What tourists need to know before driving in France

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Here's an overview of what it's like driving in France. Tourists shouldn't worry about renting a car because driving in France isn't as intimidating as it might seem once you know the rules of the road and what to expect. In this France travel video, I'll tell you about what tourists need to know before driving in France, including info about traffic circles, toll roads in France, French breathalyser, road signs, and more!

Note: This is by no means an all inclusive video on everything you need to know before a French road trip. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road to be safe before getting behind the wheel.


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Photo credits:
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Priority sign: www.shutterstock.com/Pierre-Olivier
No parking sign: www.shutterstock.com/Taljat David
Yield sign: www.shutterstock.com/Kaspri
Yellow square: www.shutterstock.com/vvoe
No entry sign: www.shutterstock.com/Julien_j
Priority road square with bar: www.shutterstock.com/ojoo64
Speed limit sign: www.shutterstock.com/Julian Prizont-Cado
Woman cop speed camera: www.shutterstock.com/Frederic Legrand - COMEO

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