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👣 Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain Do's & Don'ts Pedicure Tutorial 👣

This video is about Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain Do's & Don't Pedicure Tutorial.
In today's video you're going to learn how to relieve ingrown toenail pain, what not to do when someone is predisposed to ingrown toenails and how to clean around the ingrown toenail that is sore to prevent it from getting any worse so stay tuned.

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Here is the photo she gave me from the service where the tech cut her nail at a 45-degree angle. Never ever cut your nails like this. Especially if you are prone to ingrown toenails. The reason being is before the nail has the time to grow back the tissue that is usually under the nail will pop up because there is no nail pressing it down and when the nail grows up to that point it will run into that tissue and have to recut the nail groove. If you are prone to ingrown toenails and have that hook on the side of your nail has to cut the groove in the shape of the hook and it is going to be very uncomfortable. To lessen the discomfort keep the area nice and moisturized with cuticle oil. Or the Imperial feet products.

Over the 25 years giving pedicures I have done over 20k pedicures and have seen a lot of stained toenails. When polishing your nails at home it is very important to use a base coat on your toenails not only to prevent them from chipping but to prevent the nails from absorbing the pigment in the polish.

Cleaning around the nail wall is so important before you wedge your nippers into a tight space you can’t see. You do not want to nick any skin. The buildup is also what is causing the pressure in the groove. The body creates extra protection when it senses pressure and when her nails were cutting back through that tissue it made a protective layer.

All the tools you see me use are my meticulous manicurist brand of tools they are high-quality stainless steel that will last a lifetime. The tools that come in my pedicure kit are my toenail nippers, my stainless steel diamond grit file, my angled cuticle pusher, my ingrown sidewall cleaner, and the cuticle remover. The ingrown rasp is sold individually or in the toenail package without the cuticle remover.

Her toenails are a really good example to explain why it is good to shape the nails in the smiley face shape the matches the attachment point of the nail to the nail bed. Her nails were cut square and you can see both corners of all the nails are pressing into the tip of all her toes making indents. The body will make a callus here and even those nails can get sore.

Let me tell you why the imperial feet nail mycosis works to hydrate the nails. One of the ingredients is a humectant and a humectant's job is to retain the moisture that is in the area and to attract moisture from the surrounding area it doesn’t allow evaporation or dehydration to occur. You can see the viscosity is thick but it absorbs quickly and is not greasy. Any nail techs watching, you can purchase the imperial feet products at wholesale to sell in your business. I'd rather your clients buy the products from you than from me. Go to imperialfeetusa.com to set up your account.

I usually edit this part out but want everyone at home to floss in between your toes tonight or in the morning after you take your shower. removing the loosened excess skin by Drying the toes and in between the toes and rubbing the tip of the toes is very important. Then tell me in the comments how your feet feel after doing this for a few days.

Thanks for watching my video about Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain Do's & Don't Pedicure Tutorial.

Видео 👣 Relieve Ingrown Toenail Pain Do's & Don'ts Pedicure Tutorial 👣 канала The Meticulous Manicurist Nail Tutorials
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