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A massive hit around the world for Suzi Quatro and the lead singer of Smokie: Chris Norman, 'Stumblin' In' was to be the only American hit for either singer; which is surprising as the former was born in the U.S.A and had achieved celebrity thanks to her turn on 'Happy Days'. Suzi Quatro had been a glam rocker since the early 70's and it seemed her brand of edgy rock was not conducive for that market, but thankfully she was a superstar in her new homeland of Britain and here in Australia where she clocked up more than a dozen chart hits. Between 1978 and 1980, Suzi softened her image and musical style; achieving several hits with songs like 'Stumblin' In' and the enjoyable 'If You Can't Give Me Love' and 'The Race is On' and 1979's 'She's in love with you', all with a soft rock feel. It would be 1980's 'Rock Hard' which, like its title suggested, return the 'Wild One' to her roots and another big hit downunder. 'Stumblin' In' would reach #2 in both Australia and New Zealand; whilst hitting #1 in Canada and #4 in America. Ironically the duet would not manage to break into the Top 40 in England; stalling at #41, despite Chris Norman and Smokie having racked up multiple hits and Suzi being an adopted daughter there. Penned by famed hitmakers Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, 'Stumblin' In' entered the charts late in 1978, but was recognised the next year in the best selling lists around the globe. This extended version mp3 has been used along with a re-edited performance clip of the pair singing their hit single.

Видео SUZI QUATRO & CHRIS NORMAN Stumblin' In EXTENDED VIDEO канала daveinprogress3
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