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Zurich, Switzerland part 2: Bahnhofstrasse, trams, museums, Zug

Continuing our in-depth look at Zürich, Switzerland focusing on the modern side of the city showing you the great boulevard, the Bahnhofstrasse lined with thriving, modern retail frontage from end to end, and some of Zürich's other shopping lanes.
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We will go out on a lake boat ride, take you on an excursion to a nearby town, visit the main museums, and generally show you around.
Bahnhofstrasse is the pride of modern Zurich, and counts as the one and only Boulevard of the city. It is famous for being one of the most exclusive and expensive shopping streets in the world. Here you can get anything from diamond rings to chocolate to fur coats. About 140 stores are located along it. A study In 2011 named the Bahnhofstrasse the most expensive commercial rent for retail property in Europe. We'll take you up and down the full length of Bahnhofstrasse on foot and in the tram.
By the way the reason that we can present such a long and comprehensive program about Zürich is that it was filmed during 10 visits to Zürich in recent years.
Zürich’s Hauptbahnhof is the busiest train station in the world as measured by total number of daily trains, but the Hauptbahnhof is more than just a train station – it's like a small town in itself. There are many restaurants and bars and cafes and the lower level has got a vast shopping mall, and it is really popular because these stores are open at night and on Sundays when many of these stores in the city are closed. You'll find a whole variety of shops available here, not just travel items, luggage stores, but clothing stores and sundries, there is the sandwich shops, there is the stationary places, all kinds of ways to spend your money. If you're here towards the end of September you might get lucky and run into the Oktoberfest celebration. These are Swiss, they also like their beer and their lederhosen and their sausages, very similar to Munich in southern Germany in Bavaria. It's Oktoberfest time with some great Swiss beer, there's some music in the air, and a lot of fun. Everybody is very friendly here and the whole station turns into one big party scene.
There are nearly 300 hotels in Zürich so you have a wide range of choice from the cheapest hostel up to a five-star deluxe hotel like the hotels Savoy Bauer en Ville. It's right on Paradeplatz and Bahnhofstrasse – a very refined and expensive place to stay, with prices generally above €500. Perhaps four-star luxury is more suitable for you and definitely less expensive. We enjoyed the St. Gotthard Hotel. It's right on the Bahnhofstrasse just one block from the train station, making access about the best in town.
For visitors who have any interest whatsoever in art, it's worth walking a few blocks to the south edge of the old town to visit Zürich's art museum, the Kunsthaus Zürich.
Behind the train station the country's largest museum occupies a huge neo-Gothic castle built a century ago and houses a grand display of Swiss history illustrating the full length of human culture from the Stone Age up through the 1940s.
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