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🌈🥀 random tiktoks from my indie/alt inspired fyp | indie + alt appreciation part 6 🥀🌈

hi everyone! I plan on opening an online shop soon (maybe in a month or so) and I made a youtube channel for it! the channel name is "sabba's stuff" (here is the link to the channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFiXwCw6G6jLh-BLjVkSufA )
I haven't posted anything yet but I plan on making videos of me making rings, earrings, bags, and other aesthetic accessories! it would mean a lot if you could subscribe to support that channel 💗 I love all of you regardless and thank you for making my dreams come true! you all are so sweet!

🌈🥀thank you so much for watching🥀🌈
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⭒this video: indie + alt appreciation | random tiktoks from my indie/alt inspired fyp part 6 (aka cute alt girls, guys, and enbys)⭒

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Видео 🌈🥀 random tiktoks from my indie/alt inspired fyp | indie + alt appreciation part 6 🥀🌈 канала aesthetik
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16 декабря 2020 г. 22:00:31