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Prague's Dirty Secrets - The Truth about one of the Most Romantic Cities in Europe

Hi guys!
In this video, we are going to share what Dirty Secrets Prague's streets hide. We feel, that sometimes Prague travelers see this city only as a superficially romantic destination with pretty houses, narrow streets, and cute cafes. While Prague is all of these things, it is also much more than that! Prague is a city with a rich and complex history, that saw wars, plague epidemics, occupations, but also victories, celebrations, and triumphs. Most importantly, Prague's history is comprised of peoples' life stories and we all know that nobody's life is perfect. So let's have a look at the side of Prague that normally gets swept under the 1000-year-old carpet. Let's see what Dirty Secrets Prague is hiding from us.

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Видео Prague's Dirty Secrets - The Truth about one of the Most Romantic Cities in Europe канала Real Prague Guides
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