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Queens of England

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Of the 66 monarchs who have ruled over England since the Norman conquest only 8 have been Queens. These women have had to fight to gain and hold power. Through most of English history men outranked women in the line of succession so the only way for a woman to inherit the throne was if she had no living brothers. The wives of Kings, while called Queens are not monarchs in their own right and are referred to as Queen Consorts. Some of these female monarchs who were fortunate enough to occupy the throne were less than brilliant rulers. But some reigned with wisdom and justice proving a woman could do the job just as well as a man. Here are their stories...
Matilda (1141-1148)
Jane (1553)
Mary I (1553-1558)
Elizabeth II (1558-1603)
Mary II (1689-1694)
Anne (1702-1714)
Victoria (1837-1901)
Elizabeth II (1952-)

I do not own rights to the footage, images or music. This is an educational film.

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