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The Teskey Brothers - Live at Gum Gully

The Teskey Brothers . Live at Gum Gully in Victoria, Australia
Listen to The Teskey Brother’s latest album Run Home Slow: http://smarturl.it/runhomeslow
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Audio captured by Nao Anzai
Video captured and edited by John Fish Studio
All songs by The Teskey Brothers

1. Crying Shame
2. Reason Why
3. Pain And Misery
4. I Get Up
5. Honeymoon

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The Teskey Brothers are a rare musical gem. Honouring that old school Motown sound and working it into something of their very own, the band have received widespread acclaim for their albums Half Mile Harvest and Run Home Slow. A raw combination of soul and blues, the band’s sound has warmed the hearts of listeners everywhere with it’s melancholic, analogue tones.
Onstage singer Josh Teskey’s smoked whiskey voice defies expectation as the band around him hold an irresistible groove. Their undeniable live shows wowed audiences around the world, leaving them infected with soul and blues.

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Видео The Teskey Brothers - Live at Gum Gully канала The Teskey Brothers
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