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Tutorial #77 Small square within a block trick.

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A fun step by step video course on how to solve sudoku puzzles from beginners to advanced levels. It's FREE! If you like it t please click on the thumbs below the video.
The most popular site online to learn how to solve sudoku puzzles from beginners to advanced levels. Except for the cleaver pattern anyone who has looked at the beginners lessons (1-12) should be able to solve this puzzle.
There is always something to learn when solving sudoku. A procedure is very helpful.The more tricks, procedures and techniques you know the easier it becomes.
Go to my website http://www.sudokuguy.com, scroll down to index of techniques. You can also go to youtube.com/sudokuguy.com
Techniques used in this video
TMB, LCR, Ramifications
3 empty cells
Snyder notation. (only 2 small numbers in a row col or block to begin with)
matching pairs See index of strategies on my web site sudokuguy.com
cleaver (lesson 20)
cross/meet technique lesson 7
rule of exclusion. (tutorial #2)
Step 1 Go to youtube.com/sudokuguy
Step 2 Scroll down to Sudoku tutorials Click on heading.
Step 3 On the R H side is a list of all the tutorials. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find a thumbnail picture which has a black and white heading PREMIERE. Click on this and your are there.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sudoku-Guy-669584349784621
Twitter thesudokuguy
Instagram sudoku_guy
Thought for the day. Practice helps.

Видео Tutorial #77 Small square within a block trick. канала Sudoku Guy
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