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Brave | Calm Continuous Mix

Calm, continuous mix of the animation film 'Brave (2012)'.
Enjoy the most relaxing, beautiful parts of the original soundtrack composed by Patrick Doyle.

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0:00 Four Sons' Tale
0:27 Mum Goes Wild
0:47 I Am Merida
1:16 Bear Transformation
1:33 Little Birthday Girl
2:22 Listen
2:55 All My Fault
3:49 Clans Have Accepted
4:19 Four Sons' Tale
4:31 Noble Maiden Fair
6:14 Your Own Bow
7:27 Listen
8:36 The Games
9:10 In Her Heart
10:18 Mor’Du Attack
10:47 Witch’s Cottage
11:19 Tray for Mum
11:46 What To Do
12:45 Legends Are Lessons
14:07 Merida Rides
15:24 Why Here
15:36 All My Fault (Instrumental)
17:02 We’ve Both Changed
All rights reserved to Touchstone Pictures, Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Valhalla Motion Pictures.
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Видео Brave | Calm Continuous Mix канала The Ambient Score
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