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Taormina, Sicily Walking Tour [4K|60fps]

WALKING IN TAORMINA, SICILY: Taormina is the most popular tourist destination in Sicily, famous for its beautiful hilltop town, an ancient Greek Amphitheater and amazing beaches. Be sure to turn on closed captions to read historical facts and descriptions along the way. This walk was filmed on June 14th, 2020. 🎧For an even more immersive experience, be sure to put on your headphones and listen in 3D audio.

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▼▼Video Timeline Links▼▼
0:00 Drone Intro
2:12 Walk begins at Catania Gate (Porta Catania)
4:47 Piazza Duomo
7:20 Piazza Carmine
14:44 Piazza IX Aprile
23:04 Palazzo Corvaja
24:32 Messina Gate
26:20 Baths of Piazza S. Pancrazio
32:09 Entrance to Greek Amphitheater (closed)
35:35 Roman Baths
42:27 Public Gardens (Villa Comunale)
1:08:43 Exit the gardens
1:12:21 Naumachie (Roman Wall)
1:17:01 Corso Umberto Walk back to the Catania Gate


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Видео Taormina, Sicily Walking Tour [4K|60fps] канала Prowalk Tours
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