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CasaBlanca | Ennah | 2019

Hello Friends ,
As the air around is beginning to embrace the crisp refreshing wintriness , as the hot sultry winds recede to make way for the cool sombre breeze of autumn , the longing and yearning that music of 70s-80s so beautifully captured as if aches to be heard .. I present to you yet another classic , one of my favourites that I grew up listening to , a quintessential romantic number - "Casablanca" by Bertie Higgins. The song was first heard in the 1982 album "Just Another Day in Paradise" under the label -
Kat Family/Epic , produced by Sonny Limbo and Scoot Maclellan and gained immense popularity in the Pacific Rim countries and Asia. The song also featured in the movie Casablanca (1942) starring the legends - Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman contributing to it becoming a runaway hit.
I hope my rendition of the song fills you with the same joy and rapture as you hear it as it did for me presenting it to all of you.
Thank you everyone for your love and support ..

Credits :
Audio Production - Soumik Hazarika (HNM Studios)
Video Design - Vimal Verma
Video Production - Dhruv Records
Stylist - Krutika Salon
Accessories and Attire - Mrs. Jyoti Mathur
Musicians Featured in the Video - Vimal Verma , Navdeep Parihar
Support - Govind Singh , Kamal Kishore , Mahavir , Muskaan.

Видео CasaBlanca | Ennah | 2019 канала Ennah . music
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1 ноября 2019 г. 11:50:09