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Oasis Live The Ultimate Concert

This is for all Oasis fans who loved the band from start to finish. I have turned 22 of the best live performances from 1991-2009 into the ultimate concert experience that makes it seem like its a real concert and not different clips put together. These are all from some well known shows and others that my not be so well known. I know we will not all agree these are the best songs or even the best performances of these but to me this is best. I wanted to fit more songs in but i wanted it to stay true to a Oasis set list. Some of the videos are not the best quality but the sound is amazing on them all. Please enjoy and spread this to all the Oasis fans of the world because we can not let their legacy be lost

Intro: (Fuckin In The Bushs - Familiar To Millions 2000)

1.Go Let It Out (Familiar To Millions 2000) (3:08)
2. Be Here Now (Gmex 1997) (8:44)
3.Acquiesce (Barrowland 2001) (13:49)
4. Some Might Say (Live By The Sea) (17:35)
5. Morning Glory (Knebworth 1996) (23:00) (not a good video bc of production so dont worry the video does work just that one min gap is weird)
6. Its Good To Be Free (Roskild 1995) (27:00)
7. Fade In-Out (Gmex 1997) (30:22)
8. Do You Know What I Mean (Gmex 1997) (37:38)
9. Gas Panic (Familiar To Millions 2000) (43:21)
10. Champagne Supernova (Earls Court 1995) (51:31)
11. Live Forever (Maine Road 1996) (1:00:00)
12. Super Sonic (Earls Court 1995) (1:04:41)
13. Slide Away (Chicago 1994) (1:09:29)
14. Little By Little (Live In Manchester) (1:15:10)
15. Dont Go Away (Gmex 1997) (1:19:58)
16. Columbia (Chicago 1994) (1:25:28)
17. Wonderwall (Knebworth 1996) (1:30:15)
18. Dont Look Back In Anger (River Plate 2009) (1:33:42)
19. Bring It On Down (Chicago 1994) (1:39:37)
20. Cast No Shadows (Maine Road 1996) (1:43:53)
21. Cigarettes and Alcohol (With extended Intro) (1:57:50)
(Familiar To Millions 2000)
22. Rock n Roll Star (Cliffs Pavilion 1995) (1:55:35)
23. Credits With Slide and Video Show
(Thank You For the Good Times)

Part 2 has just been finished for the more hardcore fans and I have taken alot of your suggestions and put them together into another concert! I hope you will enjoy it as much as this one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1UolaFFRJ4&t=4835s

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