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MV | Jack Stauber - Buttercup

Your typical wrestling montage.


Buy this track here: https://jackstauber.bandcamp.com/track/buttercup


Title: Buttercup
Artist: Jack Stauber
Album: Pop Food
Release Date: 2017/03/25
Genre: alternative, acoustic, indie, indie pop, synthpop
Country: USA



Forget it, I'll do it sometime
I'm locked up on the button
Can't you do it sometime
Pushed it in too far

Fine, electrify mine
Electrify my golden tooth
Can't look at your eyes
Without sparking some

Electrify my heart

Surprise, I'm in the same time
Beneath the same sun
Oh man you cut me to size
My little buttercup


Information source(s):
[1] https://jackstauber.bandcamp.com/track/buttercup




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