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The Strokes MTV $2 Dollar Bill Concert (Best Quality)

Filmed on February 2, 2002 in Hollywood at the Hollywood Center Studios.
These are the best quality performances from this show that I've been able to find throughout the years. I hope you guys enjoy. I couldn't include "The Modern Age" on the bigger stage that has the lights that say, "The Strokes" because it got copyrighted when I included it.
1. When It Started
2. Is This It
3. Alone, Together
4. Barely Legal
5. Someday
6. Soma
7. Take It Or Leave It
8. Trying your Luck
9. Last Nite
10. New York City Cops
11. The Modern Age

Видео The Strokes MTV $2 Dollar Bill Concert (Best Quality) канала Ignazio2693
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