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Elvis Presley - Bridge Over Troubled Water - 4 August 1970 Rehearsal - Re-edited with RCA audio

This video features audio from Sony/Follow That Dream's " That's The Way It Is - 50th Anniversary Collector's Edition".

Elvis' rehearsal of Bridge Over Troubled Water during the session on 4 August 1970 in The International Hotel's Convention Center is both a fascinating listen and watch as it show just how proactive Elvis was in the evolvement of the song's arrangement before it was presented on stage.
After running through a complete version of the song, Elvis is quite happy to question the previous arrangement arrived at by Elvis, Charlie Hodge and Glen D. Hardin and then to try something new as the thought occurs to him.

Getting the arrangement at this stage was critical as Elvis was aiming to introduce the song to his set list for the very first time just six nights later due his opening show on 10 August. It was however, his rendition during the dinner show, a week to the day after this rehearsal that is seen by many as the definitive Elvis live version and the song would become a staple of Elvis' live show throughout the seventies.

Only a small portion of this rehearsal toward the end of the segment was shown in both the 1970 and 2001 versions of Elvis - That's The Way It Is, although both movies contained slightly different edits.

As with all of these videos, to get the most out of the re-edited audio, I highly recommend you use ear /headphones and turn the volume up as much as you dare!

Видео Elvis Presley - Bridge Over Troubled Water - 4 August 1970 Rehearsal - Re-edited with RCA audio канала The Ultimate Elvis Channel by Leon
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