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Fabulous Open Space Interior Design Ideas

Fabulous open plan space interior design ideas.

Open-concept homes eliminate the restrictions of a highly structured living space by giving you the ability to customize based on your own unique style and needs.

All the while, you can enjoy a living area that is spacious, airy and connected. Houses with open floor plans have exploded in popularity during recent years, and with good reason.

In truth, open-concept homes are nothing new. The design has been around since the late 19th century and is often attributed to architectural mastermind Frank Lloyd Wright. But these homes have only come into high demand over the past few years as their many benefits became increasingly well-known, including:

Specific designs vary widely, but the defining characteristic of an open floor plan is that there are small walls separating spaces.

Most open-concept homes feature a large central area that serves as both a living room and a dining room, with an adjoining kitchen that is mostly open to the living area. This creates a spacious atmosphere that is warm, inviting, comfortable and great for entertaining.

Many of the walls in an open-concept home are either reduced to half-walls or eliminated completely. This means natural light can reach deeper into your home, allowing you to fully enjoy the sun’s light. Many open-concept homes take this a step further with large windows, windowed walls and large glass doors leading outside.
By design, walls are made to keep people apart. That’s why a home with an open floor plan is ideal for fostering family togetherness, with a dining area that’s great for sit-down dinners and lots of open space that keeps family members from being sealed off.

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