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How to Design a 4x6 Postcard in Photoshop // POSTCARD DESIGN

Ever wanted to design a postcard that you can hand out to potential clients or direct mail? How about designing an all-in-one solution that does both? This tutorial walks you through the basic setup of a 4x6 postcard in Photoshop taking into account the common mailing standards from the US Postal Service. By the time we finish, you will have a ready to print PDF of your postcard. The postcard is full color on the front and black and white on the back. This is a standard postcard format for direct mailers because it is very economical to print.

Note: This tutorial is not a step-by-step guide to designing the entire postcard. In the interest of time, I have a mockup already in place. I always encourage you to apply these techniques to your own creative design.

Видео How to Design a 4x6 Postcard in Photoshop // POSTCARD DESIGN канала Design Like a Pro
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