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Angelina Jordan - Gloomy Sunday audition - Norway's Got Talent- english subtitles

Angelina Jordan Astar performed Gloomy Sunday as her first public audition on "Norway's Got Talent", Friday, March 7h, 2014.

The song was composed by Hungarian pianist and composer Rezső Seress and published in 1933. Original title: Szomorú Vasárnap (Sad Sunday).

Angelina's version is based on the Billie Holiday version from 1941.

The fact that Billie Holiday did not write this song, may be why Angelina says "Gloomy Sunday f r o m Billie Holiday" in stead of "b y".
(Norwegian: "Gloomy Sunday f r a Billie Holiday", in stead of "a v".

The judges are:

Lisa Tønne, born 1977. Stand-up artist and actress, tv host and actress.

Omer Michael Jamal Bhatti, born 1984. Rapper and dancer. Stage name: O-Bee He is also known for
his friendship to Michael Jackson.

Bjarte Hjelmeland, born 1970. Actor, stand-up artist and theatre director.
After the Norway's Got Talent contest was over, he portrayed Angelina in one of his stand-up shows.
Angelina saw it, and thought it was funny.
Search Google Images for - " Bjarte Hjelmeland Angelina " - to see picture.

Mia Gundersen, born 1961. Singer and actress (both theatre and musicals).


Here's from an interview with Angelina on Norwegian TV2,

Lørdagsmagasinet (The Saturday Magazine" April 5th, 2014:

Commenter speaking:
"Angelina and her family have lived several years abroad, and she has
a special story she wants to tell us (...) When she is on stage she never wears shoes,
and the reason for this is an experience she had as a six-year-old,
when she and her family lived in the middle east.
There she met a girl who worked as a street vendor.

Angelina speaking:
"...she said, how nice shoes you have. I asked, do you want them?
I gave them to her, and she said, thank you. And then I said, what is your dream?
She said, I want to be a doctor, but I can't. I said, you must never give up.
Then she said, I will pray for you, and you must remember me. That's why I am barefooted."

Link to the interview:

Видео Angelina Jordan - Gloomy Sunday audition - Norway's Got Talent- english subtitles канала Song and Heart
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