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12 Most Surprising Facts About Queen Elizabeth I

You probably remember learning about Queen Elizabeth I in school. She came to power in 1558 and was one of England’s greatest monarchs. We all know about her accomplishments as a ruler, but what about the stuff they don’t teach you in school? Have you ever heard, for example, that she cussed like a sailor? Yes, she was the Good Queen Bess, and yet she didn’t really care what came out of her mouth!

Another amazing fact is that she supposedly had over 2,000 pairs of gloves. Her wardrobe was immense, and she never wore the same clothes twice. Interested? Learn more surprising facts about this outstanding woman!

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She was nearly executed by her older sister 0:27
She was never really meant to be Queen 1:15
She was kinda like a cult of personality 1:59
She rejected all attempts to force a marriage on her 2:30
She had her fair share of affairs 3:00
She was vain 4:11
It took her a lot of time to get dressed 4:38
She required other women to look plain 5:08
Her looks were quite deceiving 5:40
She had a sweet tooth 6:18
She admired her mother 6:56
She cussed like a sailor 7:52

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- Elizabeth only managed to escape execution by assuring Mary that she didn’t have any part in the rebellions. She was still kept under house arrest for almost a year, though.
- Elizabeth’s predecessors died before they could produce an heir, so she took the throne.
- Once she became queen, Elizabeth’s advisors started a campaign to make flattering portraits of her. Later on, these depictions would include details of classic goddesses like Venus or Diana.
- Elizabeth was adamant that she wouldn’t marry any man in her lifetime, and she stood her ground. After all, she was a dedicated leader married to her country.
- Being the Virgin Queen didn’t prevent Elizabeth from becoming the subject of all kinds of rumors. One of the most viable was that she was in love with her lifelong friend Robert Dudley.
- She was very, very elaborate about her looks, and spent over 4 hours a day getting ready! Not only did she want to look immaculate, she also had other ways to stand out in a crowd…
- While the Queen herself was always shining in her beauty, she required her ladies to only wear black or white, making them pale in comparison.
- When she was young, she was gorgeous. But after a bout of smallpox, Elizabeth was left with facial scars and hair loss.
- At the time of Elizabeth’s reign, sugary stuff was pretty expensive and reserved mostly for the upper class. Well, she used her position as the Queen to the fullest in that respect.
- Despite the fact that her mom, Anne Boleyn, had been executed, Elizabeth loved her dearly, albeit secretly.

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