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7 Italian culture shocks as a Russian student in Milan

In this video I share things that surprise me about life in Italy as an expat from Russia.

1:16 - about Italian men
3:32 - Italian food habits & eating too many carbs
5:39 - bureaucracy in Italy
7:46 - Italy and Europe are not how people in Russia imagine
8:24 - very few people speak English (people in Russia think that most people in Europe speak English)
9:38 - Italians are very law-abiding
11:00 - too many rules for having meals


- What do I do?
My name is Elina, some friends call me Eli. I am from Russia, but always travel for studying or working abroad.

- What is my channel about?
Here I share my experiences of finding scholarships to study abroad for free, opportunities all over the world; I also talk about my home country Russia and compare cultural aspects of different countries.

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Видео 7 Italian culture shocks as a Russian student in Milan канала Elina Bakunova
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