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Hiti 720 vs Hiti 520 vs DNP RX1 vs DNP DS40 6x8 pr

Speed test run on Hiti 720L vs Hiti 520L vs DNP RX1 vs DNP DS40
Hiti print speeds and quality demonstrated against DNP photo printers. Test conducted on 6x8" prints and all printer setting were on "Default" straight from the manufacturers websites.

In terms of speed the overall winner was clearly the Hiti 720L printer by a vast difference.
In terms of colour quality the Hiti 720L clearly had a much sharper images, deeper colour contrasts and more detail in darker areas of images.
The DNP Rx1, DS40 and Hiti 520L prints were slightly par with however the Hiti 520L has slightly warmer skin tone colours and oppose to DNP's more cooler skin tone colours.
The RX1 was by far the slowest of the lot by a mile.

Even though the DS40 is meant to have an 8s 6x4 speed time and the Hiti a 12s 6x4, the Hiti 520 had a much quicker document pick up speed and made the 4s difference irrelevant and on par with the DS40.

Видео Hiti 720 vs Hiti 520 vs DNP RX1 vs DNP DS40 6x8 pr канала Joe Cohen
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