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Tash Sultana - Jungle, extended version (Live at The Current)

In The Current's studio, Tash Sultana orchestrated a carefully choreographed performance of "Jungle" using numerous loops to lay down guitar tracks — starting with the basic chord progression, then moving to ornamentation, followed by a bassline. At that point, they shifted to percussion, and when all the pieces were in place, started singing to the layers of music they create. Sultana also adds some rocking guitar parts to each song, showcasing a playing style that invites comparisons to Prince.

Hear the entire session here: https://www.thecurrent.org/feature/2017/10/25/tash-sultana-rocks-out-in-the-current-studio

Видео Tash Sultana - Jungle, extended version (Live at The Current) канала The Current
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